Friday, June 5, 2009

Should Have Voted for Obama

Like everyone else I know, last November I voted for Barack Obama for President, which, in retrospect, was a huge mistake.

Instead of Obama, all of us should have voted for Obama, who, as you may recall, was the tenacious underdog that won the Iowa caucuses.

If only we had the sense to vote for that candidate, things would not have looked as grim as they do today. Here are some of the things we could have under President Barack Obama:

1. Free Wi Fi service on every street (country roads, too)

2. Cheap electric cars

3. Withdrawal of US military forces from everywhere

4. Universal healthcare

But we were too afraid of this much change, so we settled for the next-best thing – we voted for Barack Obama. And almost immediately things started going downhill. Now the country is broke, our military is engaged in two—instead of one point five—wars, we still have the Bush foreign policy intact, and, yes, still no habeas corpus.

I have a feeling Barack Obama might try his luck again come 2012, and this time I hope all of us will have the good sense to give our vote to him, and not waste it once again on Barack Obama.

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